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Check out 7 business opportunities (and gains) in Orlando

Posted by Emidio Dias C. Neto on 03/26/2024

Business Opportunities in Orlando

Florida has been attracting foreign capital from various parts of the world. Brazilians are also eyeing the numerous business opportunities in this American state, where the climate, beautiful beaches, and cultural diversity closely resemble Brazil.

The Brazilian community has been growing in the United States, especially in Orlando, where the influx of visitors is high throughout the year. Many Brazilians are moving to this region with the idea of progressing while working safely and peacefully.

In addition to excellent quality of life, the receptivity to foreign capital in Florida is very good. The best part is that the demand for services and products also continues to grow in this place. For this reason, the chances of success in various types of businesses are significant.

Are you thinking of moving or spending a good season in the United States and want to know what to invest in there? Then check out the 7 business opportunities in Orlando that we have specially selected for you!

Business Opportunities:

1. Acquisition and rental of real estate

Business Opportunities in Orlando

Even with the heated American real estate market, there are still business opportunities, and it is still possible to buy a well-located house in Orlando, investing between US$200,000 and US$600,000. The real estate activity in this region is undoubtedly a great business.

The city attracts many people in search of fun in the parks, great shopping, and sun and warmth on its beautiful beaches. The demand for vacation rental properties is therefore very high.

In Kissimmee, where Disney is located, many condominiums geared towards this rental model are being built. These houses and apartments, called vacation homes, have resort-style amenities. The properties are rented furnished and come with amenities similar to those offered by a hotel.

The assistance of a properly licensed and experienced real estate agency is vital for the success of your real estate venture. This way, you will be able to buy, sell, or rent your properties with safety and peace of mind, ensuring a good return on your investment.

2. Private tutoring

Teachers can earn good money by giving private lessons in Orlando. After all, the Brazilian community in this city is very large. Many people in need of reinforcement lessons prefer to turn to a Brazilian teacher.

Moreover, companies are increasingly preparing to better serve our country’s public. Many times, they indicate Portuguese language learning for their employees.

3. Food truck and kiosk in shopping malls

Business Opportunities in Orlando

With an investment starting at $75,000, it is possible to set up a food truck or a kiosk selling snacks. Besides working for oneself selling various types of food. In short, Brazilian typical food, it is still possible to partner with famous fast food franchises.

A renowned American chef, owner of a gourmet hot dog franchise, is seeking partners to place food trucks and kiosks on the streets and in shopping malls in Orlando.

4. Micro-franchise of residential cleaning company

The investment for this business is around $30,000, and the franchised company offers training and the possibility to choose the location where you want to operate in Orlando. However, the annual revenue is around $60,000, and the person can manage the business from their own residence.

Brazilians are known in the United States for the excellent quality of services provided in this sector. Therefore, take advantage of this reputation and assemble a good team of collaborators to leverage this business and increase your earnings.

5. General services

In the United States, any well-executed job is valued and is a good business opportunity. That said, the competence and responsibility, combined with the entrepreneurship and creativity of Brazilians, can be the key to the success of a general services company.

Small businesses that offer services such as clothing alteration and repair, pool and garden maintenance, and small repairs in homes and businesses can generate a good profit. And opening a company in the USA is simple, with costs ranging from $450 to $1,200.

6. Tourism companies

Brazilians have the United States as their main destination for foreign travel. Surely, the Orlando region is one of the most sought after. Therefore, those living in this city can work with these tourists. After all, by living locally, it is possible to negotiate the best tourist packages and other products directly with local suppliers.

Taking advantage of these good business offers and directing them to the Brazilian public will certainly please and retain customers. Thus, the company is likely to expand, maximizing profits.

7. Brazilian store franchises and package forwarding

With an eye on the consumption of the growing Brazilian community in Orlando, many Brazilian stores want to offer their products in this city. Thus, snack bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and stores selling cosmetics and clothing are recruiting interested parties to open franchises of their brands in the United States.

In short, investment in this type of business can be a great option for entrepreneurs who dream of establishing themselves with their family in the USA. In addition to having a good number of Brazilian customers, articles from here, such as clothing, natural products, and beauty items, are very successful among Americans.

Another good way to make money in the United States is the activity of package forwarding. However, it is a fact that online sales are growing worldwide. Many online stores, however, do not ship orders to other countries. For this reason, working with package forwarding to Brazil can be a good business for those living abroad.

This service involves receiving, storing, managing, and shipping goods purchased via e-commerce. It is possible to profit by dispatching products to Brazil and even to other parts of the world.

Business Opportunities in the USA

The United States continues to offer many opportunities for those who want to grow through their own efforts. Thus, working with competence and honesty. Therefore, the state of Florida has a tradition of welcoming foreigners and promoting interaction among the most diverse cultures.

That said, if you are thinking of moving abroad, you will find, in Florida, an ideal place for your personal and financial growth, as well as for the education of your children. Therefore, it is worth betting on improving the quality of life of your entire family and joining the growing Brazilian community in Orlando.

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